Friday, June 28, 2013

Drinking the Crossfit Kool Aid

About a month ago, I started Crossfitting 3+ times a week, rather than just on weekends. In other words, I committed. I drank the Kool Aid. I started paying someone to make me sweat copious amounts and leave me sore the next day...every day. Am I crazy?! In short, yes.

My favorite thing about Crossfit, besides the fact that my arms are less flabby, is the community. 90% of the people are super friendly and you can talk to almost anyone, even the guys. Let's face it, after we've all watched each other drip sweat, swear, and heave massive weights overhead, no one is sexy. No one. So there's none of that "OMG, does he think I'm pretty?", because you know, you KNOW, you aren't. Not at that moment, anyways. Maybe when you all hang out later, after a shower or a good dose of dry shampoo, he will think you're pretty AND badass. And that's how a Crossfit couple is born.

My least favorite part of Crossfit is easily how much of a beginner I am. Sounds like a no brainer, huh? But seriously, I didn't expect to have to modify so many movements or discover that I have zero upper body strength. The good news is that I am making progress towards changing that. Or, I was. I present you with exhibit A:  (1:53-2:03) an only slightly less clumsy video representation of an assisted pull up.

In a moment of utter gracefulness, my sweaty hands slipped off the bar, leaving one foot in the band and the other moving towards the ground in a doomed trajectory. This was two weeks ago.

I should've taken note of the pain in my foot and knee and not run 2 miles in last weekend's WOD, but I did. As a result, I probably made the problem worse and, according to a nurse I talked to, I am not allowed to run until August. August. I am also only allowed to row with one leg. Same deal for jumping rope. I'm supposed to keep weight off of it as much as possible. I'm allowed to swim for cardio. The RN tried to say I couldn't Crossfit. To her I say, "NO! I am an active member of this cult and I will find a way to participate if it kills me!" To which she said, "It might." Even if I spend a whole month doing sit-ups, handstand push-ups, and pull-ups (and swimming) I will!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Online Dating Diaries: Let's Date

Let's Date is a pretty cool app. You get to scroll through profile cards and either say "Let's Date" to someone or "No, Thanks". If you say you'd like to date someone, the app puts your profile card in their deck. If they say they'd like to date you too, the app with then allow you to chat.

Selectively allowing chatting makes this app one of my favorites. It eliminates the billions of undesirable messages that fill up my inbox on other sites. The downside of this is that the people you live are barely ever geographically close to you, so you can have all the conversation you want, but when it comes to actually meeting up, it's a challenge.

The app is glitchy, not loading profiles very well and failing to send messages. I could see it going big places, but it just isn't there yet.