Monday, July 15, 2013

PR Log

Deadlift: 135 lbs
HBBS: 136 lbs

Today's WOD:

3 Rounds

15 Hang Power Cleans: Women's RX= 95lbs
15 Burpees

10 minute cap

Results: 7:25 @ 65 lbs

It's Monday, Of Course

Almost two months ago, in the midst of a rash set of decisions I made following a breakup, I got my tragus pierced.  For those of you who don't know what that is, no it is not kinky. It's that little triangle in the front part of your ear.

Yes, that is my ear, right after getting the most painful piercing I've ever gotten. (And I've gotten a few) But it was worth it because I thought it was so cute and pretty unique. I dealt with it catching on my hair by telling myself that it would heal eventually if I kept cleaning it, which I did on a mostly-regular basis. It would go through stages of being ok, but mostly not. I got a keloid on the back. No, I will not explain a keloid. Google it or stop reading this post about piercings.

Well, this morning, being Monday, it was bothering me again. I was trying not to mess with it, but all of a sudden, the little screw on front part dropped off in to my lap and the bar disappeared into my ear. Disappeared. I could feel it in there, but no one could see it. I tried fishing it out with a paperclip, because no one came forward with tweezers. Do not ever try to retrieve something from your ear canal with a paperclip, ok?

I went down to the local tattoo place to see if they could get it out with some special tweezers or something, since part of the bar felt like it was still embedded in the piercing. Ouch. Although their sign stated that they would open at noon, no one was there. The girl at the deli informed me that they sometimes aren't there until around 2. I was freaking out, imagining the new scar tissue that was definitely forming around this tiny piece of metal.

One of my co-workers had tweezers when I got back to the office, so I decided that I was going to do it myself. Of course, once I managed to get the tweezers around it, I found that it was just resting in my ear, but it was a terrifying experience, nonetheless.

So, now I have one less piercing but I can fit my earbuds in both ears once again.

The End. Finally.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yesterday's News

Yesterday was quite an eventful day for me and most of the rest of the inhabitants of Northeast Ohio. It was our billionth day of storms, yes, billionth. I don't know what the ongoing feud between Ohio and the freaking sky is, but yesterday they pulled out the big guns to try to settle their differences...TORNADOES!!!!

Note: I know this is not a tornado, however, it is a sky
that is desperately trying to be a tornado. Give it a little credit.
Apparently, this happens all the time in the Midwest. I can tell you we did not have this crap in New Jersey. Anyways, since several major roads were pretty flooded, but mine and my co-worker's CrossFit boxes were closed, so we found one that wasn't and dropped in. It was my first drop-in WOD since officially starting CrossFit and I was super nervous!

Sure enough, most of the movements were foreign/new to me. I'd seen people flip tires and climb ropes, but I sure hadn't tried it. Well, guess what?! I was going to make my first attempt at all that stuff in front of a group of total strangers and an ex-military coach. Cool beans...

Surprise! It went ok! Yes, I was totally winded and dragging by the end, but I did my first successful rope climb AND tire flip! I also PR'd my deadlift at 135 lbs. It definitely built up my courage to do more drop ins when I'm out in California later this month. I can't wait to collect more BA t-shirts.

My Souvenir from Everhard CrossFit
The worst part of my day? Right as I was going to leave for work, my kitten got under foot. We both did a crazy dance to try to avoid each other, but in the end, I accidentally stepped on her poor little paw. I know this happens with cats all the time, but she's so little and had probably never gotten hurt before in the whole nine weeks that she's been alive. She cried and limped around, but she was ok by the time I got home.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How I Became a Cat Lady in One Week

I told myself I would wait until I moved into my new apartment to get a kitten. I almost made it, but found myself looking up kittens on Craigslist a few weeks ago and found this adorable little girl kitten that couldn't NOT go see. And, of course, once I saw her, I couldn't wait a week to bring her home! No way!

I know most guys prefer dogs, because dogs are obviously more manly/dumb and I'd actually held off on getting a cat because my last few boyfriends were allergic. Now that I don't have my silly emotions to get in the way though, I figured it was a perfect time to get a cat. This is 100% logical. 

I couldn't have predicted what happened next. I'd been talking to this guy for a week or two and we'd been going out and having some fun here and there. He left for vacation the day before I brought the kitty home. We were having some good conversation that day and I told him about the cat. The conversation didn't end there, in fact, it kept going until much later that night. The next day I heard nothing, but hey, the guy's on vacation, probably not checking his phone. The day after that, I send a casual "hi" message and hear nothing back. I still have not heard anything from him. It has now been over a week. *sigh*

So now not only do I not have any prospects, the most promising thing I had going for me has probably stopped talked to me on account that I am going to turn into a crazy cat lady. Or I already have. Who knows?! I guess its back to the dating apps for me. I might as well post a picture of my cat as my profile picture, just so they know what they're getting into.