Wednesday, July 3, 2013

How I Became a Cat Lady in One Week

I told myself I would wait until I moved into my new apartment to get a kitten. I almost made it, but found myself looking up kittens on Craigslist a few weeks ago and found this adorable little girl kitten that couldn't NOT go see. And, of course, once I saw her, I couldn't wait a week to bring her home! No way!

I know most guys prefer dogs, because dogs are obviously more manly/dumb and I'd actually held off on getting a cat because my last few boyfriends were allergic. Now that I don't have my silly emotions to get in the way though, I figured it was a perfect time to get a cat. This is 100% logical. 

I couldn't have predicted what happened next. I'd been talking to this guy for a week or two and we'd been going out and having some fun here and there. He left for vacation the day before I brought the kitty home. We were having some good conversation that day and I told him about the cat. The conversation didn't end there, in fact, it kept going until much later that night. The next day I heard nothing, but hey, the guy's on vacation, probably not checking his phone. The day after that, I send a casual "hi" message and hear nothing back. I still have not heard anything from him. It has now been over a week. *sigh*

So now not only do I not have any prospects, the most promising thing I had going for me has probably stopped talked to me on account that I am going to turn into a crazy cat lady. Or I already have. Who knows?! I guess its back to the dating apps for me. I might as well post a picture of my cat as my profile picture, just so they know what they're getting into. 

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