Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yesterday's News

Yesterday was quite an eventful day for me and most of the rest of the inhabitants of Northeast Ohio. It was our billionth day of storms, yes, billionth. I don't know what the ongoing feud between Ohio and the freaking sky is, but yesterday they pulled out the big guns to try to settle their differences...TORNADOES!!!!

Note: I know this is not a tornado, however, it is a sky
that is desperately trying to be a tornado. Give it a little credit.
Apparently, this happens all the time in the Midwest. I can tell you we did not have this crap in New Jersey. Anyways, since several major roads were pretty flooded, but mine and my co-worker's CrossFit boxes were closed, so we found one that wasn't and dropped in. It was my first drop-in WOD since officially starting CrossFit and I was super nervous!

Sure enough, most of the movements were foreign/new to me. I'd seen people flip tires and climb ropes, but I sure hadn't tried it. Well, guess what?! I was going to make my first attempt at all that stuff in front of a group of total strangers and an ex-military coach. Cool beans...

Surprise! It went ok! Yes, I was totally winded and dragging by the end, but I did my first successful rope climb AND tire flip! I also PR'd my deadlift at 135 lbs. It definitely built up my courage to do more drop ins when I'm out in California later this month. I can't wait to collect more BA t-shirts.

My Souvenir from Everhard CrossFit
The worst part of my day? Right as I was going to leave for work, my kitten got under foot. We both did a crazy dance to try to avoid each other, but in the end, I accidentally stepped on her poor little paw. I know this happens with cats all the time, but she's so little and had probably never gotten hurt before in the whole nine weeks that she's been alive. She cried and limped around, but she was ok by the time I got home.

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