Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Jet Lag and Yoga

I got back on Sunday from a nearly week-long work trip to Las Vegas. I have to go out there several times a year and some trips are more fun than others. This time was one of the not-so-fun trips. I started coming down with a cold last Monday and was miserable by the time I got out there. I was hoping the dry desert air would help me feel better, but it poured rain the entire time.

I managed to force a few workouts in the mornings and thought I was keeping my body pretty close to Eastern Time. I think I was just that exhausted though, because, coming back, I'm finding it really hard to get out of bed on time. To help myself adjust to being back and stretch out some of the stiffness that inevitably comes from all the standing I do on these trips, Nick and I hit a hot yoga class later in the day on Sunday. We typically go Sunday mornings, then rush to church, but I think I may like going later a little better. 

The heat of the room temporarily banished my cold, which was soooo nice. I'd come equiped with a stack of tissues an ended up not needing any! I also stuck my Crow Pose way better than ever before, which made me really happy.

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