Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rest Day: Needed


I woke up this morning feeling so icky.Our weekend was a whirlwind of activity and frantic naps between activities. In a little over two days, Nick and I finished three WODs, a game of indoor soccer, a 75 minute hot yoga class, a family birthday party where I met quite a few of his family members for the first time (and was totally calm about it, of course), and made and canned seven jars of applesauce.

By the end of Sunday, the topic of taking one whole weekend day off from everything to just relax had come up multiple times.  Of course, there's not even a slight possibility of us (or at least, me) taking such a day until December.  Its difficult to remember to take time to rest in between all of the fun options we have and the things we have to get done!

One thing I was told a few months ago by a seasoned CrossFitter was to "take rest days!". She had worked out everyday for a year and a half and gotten so burned out by the time her body made her take a rest day. I would love to be able to workout everyday and do the comp-work cycles offered at the box, but right now I have to realize that my work schedule, although not very physically active, is still taxing to my body and needs to be considered. I need to let myself breathe maybe just a little more than I do.

I wish my nose would let me breathe through it right now.

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