Thursday, November 14, 2013

OOTD: First Snowfall

It feels like we skipped fall here in Northeast Ohio. If it was here, it must have been during the few short weeks that I was traveling for business, because I sure didn't get to enjoy much of that cool, crisp fall weather. We skipped straight to frigid, in my opinion.

Although it had flurried a couple of times in the last few weeks, this Monday was the first snowfall that actually stuck to the ground and covered cars. I'm not ready for it to be Winter yet! At least I cleaned out my garage enough so that I can actually park in it and avoid scraping snow and ice off of my car in the mornings.

I'd gone to Goodwill to look for an ugly Halloween sweater and came across this Calvin Klein sweater dress while I was there. I'm not usually one for thrift shopping. It smells weird and feels a little gross. But, Calvin Klein for $7.99? I'll just wash it twice. 

Turns out, this is the warmest dress ever! Paired with tights, boot socks, and leather boots, I was a toasty girl. Unfortunately, my clients didn't plan on anyone dressing so warmly and had the heat in their conference room cranked up. I felt myself getting sweaty and irritable. Not good! It worked out well for me once I got home though. I don't have the heat turned up very high, so I needed something to keep me cozy. I practically fell asleep on the couch in this outfit. It's not everyday you can find an outfit that is conference room appropriate as well as being totally snugly sleepwear, right?

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