Friday, November 22, 2013

The Search for the Perfect Gym Bag

Lately, I've been realizing that I need a new solution for all of my gym "stuff". On days when I'm on top of my game and pack workout clothes to change into after work so that I can go straight to the box, I end up leaving the house with three or four bags: my laptop bag, lunch back, a backpack with sneakers and a change of clothes, and a drawstring sack that holds my CrossFit things like tape, wrist wraps, jump rope, etc. It's too much. I need to consolidate the two workout related bags. It only makes sense.

1. Adidas Defender ($24.99)
3. Puma Teamsport ($31.99)
4. Adidas Squad ($35.99)

But the perfect gym bag? That's not so clear. I need something that's big enough to hold two pairs of sneakers, flip flops, a set of clothes, a hoodie, face wipes, my jump rope, water bottle, protein shaker, and lots of other little odds and ends. Looking at this list, I'm amazed that I didn't grab a bigger bag sooner!

I have it narrowed down to the four above. They're all about the same size and they all have ventilated shoe pockets of some sort, which I definitely wanted. I don't want my shoes stinking up all of my other stuff, nor does the idea of a pair of undies tossed into the bag coming in contact with whatever might be on the bottoms of my shoes thrill me.  

Choices, choices. I think the yellow Puma is in the lead, in case anyone's Christmas shopping ; )

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